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Video Conference Services

NIC is providing Video Conferencing services for quick and live conferences. Presently services are available from 640 existing studios over NICNET spread across the country including state capitals, districts & union territories. Video Conferencing facilities are being upgraded with state of art technology in all locations by providing High Definition Video Conferencing systems. This is one of the largest video conferencing networks in the country.

Video conferencing services are being used for monitoring of various Government Projects, Schemes, Public Grievances, Monitoring of Law and Order, Hearings of RTI cases, Distance Education, Tele-Medicine, monitoring of Election processes, Launching of new schemes and so on.

VC Services were decentralized by enabling each state Unit to handle its own Multipoint Videoconferencing sessions to meet local and state government requirements. In state Arunachal Pradesh VC services are established in all the districts and many state Govt. departments.

NIC's VC services are regularly being used by Hon'ble His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Chief Secretaries and department Officials across state at all levels. It enables a better collaboration among various official work and quick live conferences.

Web Based VC Services

Web Based High Definition VC services have been launched in January'2011 for point to point and multipoint conference over desktops. This can seamlessly integrate with laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones, room systems and legacy equipment. It can provide true-to-life audio and video synchronization even in low bandwidth environments including Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

NIC also has executed the following major projects to extend the VC services:

High Quality Virtual Classroom has been setup at premier educational in India Institutions over National Knowledge Network (NKN). Under this project a total of 66 Virtual Classrooms have been created at 36 (IITs, NITS, IISERs, IISc. Bangalore, TIFR for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore, CMI Chennai, NICs etc) Institutions across the country.

EVCS (Executive Video Conferencing System) project in the offices of 81 Secretaries to Government of India, 35 Chief Secretaries/Administrators of States/UTs, 35 Director General of Police of States/UTs. EVCS facilities also have been extended in 23 Chief Post Master General (CPMGs) Office.

Pilot project to provide G2C services over NOFN ( National Optical Fibre Network) is currently under implementation to 59 Gram Panchayats of three Pilot Blocks namely Arain Block (Ajmer District, Rajasthan), Parwada Block (Vishakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh) and Panisagar Block (North Tripura district, Tripura)

Web based point to point/ Multipoint Videoconferencing services for various organisations under Department of Financial Services (DFS). This will facilitate 5000 desktop users of DFS/Banks/PSICs/FIs for effective implementation and monitoring financial inclusion initiatives.

Voice, Video & Data Services over SCPC DAMA Network (VSAT)

NIC has established SCPC DAMA Network Management System at New Delhi started voice, videoconferencing and high speed Internet access services in integrated manner using a single VSAT. Using this technology, any DAMA lo simply using a handset can initiate a voice, video or data call, without the n intervention of Hub operator. Connections are made in mesh topology on to-point basis between any nodes in the network using on demand SCPC carrier.

The key feature of SCPC DAMA is that bandwidth is provided to the remote only when it is required. This helps in better utilization of satellite bandwidth amongst various VSAT's in a closed user network. SCPC, DAMA, NMS is like a telephone exchange in the sky, which works on the switching concept. It sets up Voice circuits at 8 Kbps, Videoconferencing in 384 Kbps and asymmetric data circuits up to 2 Mbps within 5 seconds of per application in an automatic manner.

For more details visit at http://vidcon.nic.in
For online VC booking and booked VC information visit at http://reserve.nic.in

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