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Network Operation Centre

The Network Operating Centre of NIC, Aruanachal Pradesh is responsible for the constant monitoring and troubleshooting of Network Devices, Servers to ensure round the clock management of NICNET at Arunachal Pradesh.

NOCs analyze problems, perform, communicate with site technicians and other NOCs, and track problems through resolution. NOCs often escalate issues in a hierarchic manner for problem remediation. For severe conditions that are impossible to anticipate – such as a power failure or cut – NOCs have procedures in place to immediately contact technicians to remedy the problem.

NOCs are responsible for monitoring the network for alarms or certain conditions that may require special attention to avoid impact on the networks performance. This helps to identify potential issues and provide resolution before any problems occur.

The iNOC team specialises in technical issues relating to network and guarantees a fast response time to all critical issues.

Scheduling of planned intervention and management of planned outages of the system, tending to basic daily network operation, fault handling and responding to customer queries are all tasks carried out by NOC. Contactable by phone, VOIP, fax or email round the clock, all year round, for emergency cover and support, the team is geared up significantly to enhance NICNET services. The network services is supported through Facility Management Support services being looked after by M/s WIPRO Ltd.